Atkinson's   Jewelry  Inc.
Atkinson's   Jewelry  Inc.

A T K I N S O N ' S   J E W E L R Y Monday thru Saturday   9:30am - 6:00pm                                                     


About Us

      Atkinson's Jewelry was founded in 1950 by Mr. Ernest Atkinson in Patterson's Corner Drug Store,in Chickasaw, Alabama .


      A  ship builder for many years, Mr.Atkinson was injured on the job. He could not go back to work, so he taught himself watchmaking. That was his entry into the jewelry business. Since the area he worked in was not much larger than a single counter, Mr Atkinson later relocated to another space in the same building. This new space housed four in-line showcases leaving two feet of walking space on either  side of the counter.

      In 1970 Mr. A.Richard Tolpin purchased  Atkinson's Jewelry from Mr. Ernest and Mrs Jean Atkinson. Formerly with "Ross Jewelers Inc."he served the public for 28 years.(downtown on Royal Street as manager in Mobileno Wilson avenue w carriesin Prichard, Alabama as manager for twenty years) He continued daily operations for the next thirty eight years. 


      "The Old Man"as he has lovingly been refered to by many of his best customers, past away at the age of 94 in the year 2014.


        His son, Mr. Daniel Tolpin has been managing Atkinson's for 41 years and is now the owner and president.


        Atkinson's Jewelry is a full service jewelry store and carries a full line of  loose diamonds,diamond jewelry, watches,(Seiko Citizen Bulova) and gold neckchains, including gold and silver earrings..  As well as,stanless steel jewelry made by Inox. Also, birthstone jewelry, class rings monogram  jewelry and engravable jewelry. Atkinson's truly has a lot to offer you, our customer


        The repair department :

  1.  Jewelry Repair

  2.  Watch Repair

  3   Diamond remounting and replacement

  4.  colored stone replacement

  5.  Watch batteries

  6.  pearl or bead restringing

  7.  Engraving

  8.  shorten or lengthening watch bands

  9.  ear piercing

 10. Please, call 251-452-4382  and we'll tell you if we can.


This is the way the store looked in 1950 minus the three shadow boxs on the back wall. The shadow boxes were added in 1970..


 The original four showcases and the three shadow boxes (hanging on the back wall) are to this day still in use.  Please come in and see!

     "A Family Owned                    Business"

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about 4 C,s

           "The Four C's"


1. Cut

    The cut determines the intensity of a diamond's light reflection and refraction. If cut properly, the diamond will appear  to shine brightly

2. Clarity

    Clarity is based on the number, location, and type of inclusions.(white or black specks of carbon)

3.  Color

      Lower grade of diamonds varying shades yellowish tints to them. These are the least desireable. The whiter the diamond the greater its value.

4.   Carat Weight

       The weight of a diamond is often mistaken for its size.  (how  heavey the diamond weighs) A larger weight diamond is preferable and more expensive.

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